Steakhouse Bar And Grill


Combo starter for Two                                                                             £9.95

4 Garlic bread,BBQ chicken wings,breaded mushrooms,cheesy tortillachips,king prawns & squid served with tabasco sauce,lemon&salad

Breaded king prawns                                                                                £4.95

Breaded king prawn with a sweet chilli sauce

Pate                                                                                                          £4.25

Potato skins cooked with bacon & melted cheese

Soft shell crab                                                                                           £4.75

Deep fried coated crab served with a curried mayonnaise

Classic prawn cocktail                                                                               £4.50

Succulent prawns topped with tangy seafood sauce

Wings of fire                                                                                             £4.95

Chicken wings served with a hot chilli devil sauce

Tortilla chips                                                                                                             £3.95

Served with  salsa sauce and topped with cheese

Garlic mushrooms                                                                                     £3.95

Deep fried breaded mushrooms with a garlic mayonnaise dip

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